Interview with Brazilian union activists (in Portuguese)

Last week a delegation of Brazilian trade union activists visited the Netherlands. They organised workshops for their Dutch colleagues. Below, you’ll find the link to a radio interview with Radio Netherlands Worldwide.

De afgelopen week was er een delegatie Braziliaanse vakbondsleden op bezoek in Nederland. Zij hebben workshops georganiseerd voor hun Nederlandse collega’s. Hieronder de link met een radio interview (in portugees) met Radio Nederland Wereldomroep.

“Os sindicalistas holandeses têm muito o que aprender com os colegas brasileiros”, diz Franny Parren, da Transnationals Information Exchange (TIE). A convite dessa rede de troca de informações entre trabalhadores e empresas transnacionais, quatro sindicalistas brasileiros ligados à Central Única dos Trabalhadores estiveram na Holanda de 4 a 7 de novembro para trocar experiências com os colegas holandeses e alemães.

To read and listen the interview click here.

About Young Union Activists

Young Union Activists met each other at the Young Workers Gathering 2010 in Turkey, and decided to stay in touch to inform and support each other about their union struggles.
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