Report of the Seminar ‘Youth and Trade Unions’

In the beginning of November four Brazilian union activists from the Brazilian CUT visisted the unions in the Netherlands. they were invited to share their experiences and expertise around unionism with Dutch union members, officials and organisers of FNV Bondgenoten. On November 4, the seminar ‘Youth and Trade Unions, and international exchange programme’ took place. Below, a report on the seminar can be downloaded.  

Begin november bezochten vier vakbondsactivisten van de Braziliaanse vakbondsfederatie CUT de vakbond in Nederland. Zij waren uitgenodigd om hun ervaringen en expertise omtrent vakbondswerk te delen met Nederlandse kaderleden, bestuurders en ‘organisers’ van FNV Bondgenoten. Op 4 november vond het seminar ‘Jongeren en Vakbond, een internationaal uitwisselingsprogramma’ plaats. Hieronder is een verslag te lezen.

To download the report in dutch click here, English version can be downloaded here: 4 november follow up report-conclusions English.

About Young Union Activists

Young Union Activists met each other at the Young Workers Gathering 2010 in Turkey, and decided to stay in touch to inform and support each other about their union struggles.
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