Youth and Trade Unions – Follow up meeting in Brazil

Youth and Trade Unions, a follow-up meeting organised in Brazil by CUT member unions and TIE Brasil that are part of our network. You can see the program of the event and twitted notes from the even in our blog now.  



Morning 08:00-12:00

Sharing of experiences about international exchanges realized in Turkey, Netherlands and Spain to attract youth to the trade union. Comparative mapping

Afternoon 14:00-18:00

Work in groups

How to use the presented method (comparative mapping) to attract youth to the trade union. Presentation of working group results to plenary


Morning 08:00-12:00

Panel: the role of communication, new media and organisations at the workplace


Afternoon 14:00-18:00

Work in groups

How to use the different ways of communication that are accessible to us to organize youth and to present results of workers to our people.

Presentation of working group results


Conclusions of the seminar and evaluation


Quotes on twitter (during debates/seminar):

“Debating the role of manipulating media and the needs of workers to occupy spaces at the internet”

Youth and progressive trade unions in Curitiba-PR discus policies and future actions for the present

New media, we need to advance, use all these instruments. But the material on paper is still important.

Journals, magazines, bulletins and pamphlets are ending. Media do not need to be substituted by others but should complement each other.

It does not matter which media we use, as long as we use it in a serious way

The people are still not aware of the possibilities of ideological propaganda by means of online games and networks

The strengthening goes on! The youth bring their conclusions to the debates of the CUT

Trade unions should all the time be renewed like the production methods are also all the time specialized to exploit

We want to be heard and not threatened like as if we are a project that from here in 20 years shall be listened to.

Our struggle does not have an end. We want space and are competing with nobody.

Trade union members should take care of their language, sometimes we stay too much inside the union, talking for the same people

Youth are discussing the importance of presence in the working places through comparative mapping

The activity is arriving at its end, but the pathways show us that it only just begun!!

About Young Union Activists

Young Union Activists met each other at the Young Workers Gathering 2010 in Turkey, and decided to stay in touch to inform and support each other about their union struggles.
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